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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) in GTM.

Question: Must I refer someone to earn in Gem Trust Mall?

Answer: No

You must not refer someone to earn in GTM.

Question: What if I eventually refer someone, will there be additional reward for me?

Answer: Yes

There will be referral bonus paid to you.

Question: What other means can one earn in GTM?

Answer: (i) Trading profits on your shop(s)

(ii) Up line shared daily matching bonus

(iii) 3% trading earnings of all direct down lines.

(iv) Matching bonus earnings on weaker legs.

(v) Periodic promotional earnings.

(vi) 2% trading earnings of all second generation down lines.

Question: Who is the owner of GTM?

Answer: Mr. John Wilson

Question: Where is the company from?

Answer: GTM is headquartered in the United States of America and present in other countries of the world.

Question: How can I withdraw my earnings from GTM?


(i)Through your local bank account in any country where you're operating from.

(ii) From peer to peer.

(iii) Through crypto currencies.

(iv) Through new membership registration.

Question: How can I fund my wallet in GTM?


(i) Through crypto currencies.

(ii) Through peer to peer.

Question: Is GTM an investment company.

Answer: No

GTM is an e- commerce business.

Question: How does GTM make money to pay members?

Answer: From manufacturing, marketing and distribution of GTM Quantum Jewelry Products.

Question: Can I withdrawal my capital?

Answer: Yes

You can withdraw your capital at the end of a trading period, if you so wish. 

Question: Who is qualified to join GTM e- commerce business?

Answer: Anyone who is up to the age of doing business, depending on the person's country business regulation laws.

Question: How can I join GTM?

Answer: Reach out to someone who is a member already or contact us.